Abel Assessments

The Abel Assessment for sexual interest-2 for Adolescents

The Abel Assessment for sexual interest-2 (AASI-2) is a comprehensive tool for the evaluation of boys and girls, ages 12-17, who sexually abuse younger children or who have other problematic sexual behavior. It is specifically designed to objectively measure a client’s sexual interests and obtain information regarding involvement in a number of abusive or problematic sexual behaviors. The AASI-2 is available in English or Spanish.

Because different sections of the assessment system work together, the AASI-2 is really a system of evaluation tools that allow the therapist to quickly receive a range of valuable information organized in one detailed report.

Each AASI-2 Report includes:

  • Objective Measurements of Sexual Interest in Children [Visual Reaction Time (VRT)]
  • Danger to Children Registry
  • Cognitive Distortion Score
  • Social Desirability Score [lie scale]
  • Sexual Behaviors Summary Table
  • Therapist’s Reasons for Evaluation
  • Detailed Summary of Admitted Sexual Behaviors
  • Detailed Summary of Sexual Health Concerns
  • History as a Victim of Sexual Abuse
  • Emerick Sexual Victimization Trauma Scales
  • Sexual Behaviors Ratings
  • Sexual Fantasies Ratings
  • Accusations, Arrests, and Convictions
  • Questionnaire Data
  • Sexual Interest Vignette Scales
  • Summary of Drug and Alcohol Useful

 Abel Assessments is available for other providers upon request. Contact our office for pricing.